ImageCOREquipment.com is now your friendly Trail Gear Dealer!  This is not a step we took lightly - we are on the boards like everyone else and did a ton of research on the company and the quality of the parts before moving forward.  Rest assured that if we are OK with these guys, you should be too.

With loads of affordable hard core products for Toyotas (and now for Jeeps too!), look no further.  We are proud to be a Trail Gear partner - their attention to their customers is the best and their product selection is the broadest in the hard core Toyota parts segment.  From SAS kits, to six stud knuckles, to complete thirds - they've got the Toyota products you want at affordable prices!  Check out their affordable Toyota and  Jeep armor - the pricing is hands down the best in the industry!

We are in the process of adding their products to our online store, so stay tuned as our catalog grows!  We accept Paypal and major credit cards for secure online purchases through Paypal's payment portal!